Principal, Boston

What types of cases do you work on?
I work on many different types of cases. Much of my litigation support case work involves issues in the technology and pharmaceutical industries. I have a degree in electrical engineering, which enables me to get up to speed quickly in computer and software cases. I like to manage large teams across offices with multiple experts, as well as those with only one or two consultants. I enjoy the variety!
How has your career at Analysis Group evolved?
When I joined Analysis Group as an associate more than 20 years ago, I thought I would focus mostly on finance engagements. But given the nature of the case mix over the years, I have expanded my work to include many antitrust and intellectual property cases. I am sure that the swift pace of technology innovation and the evolving nature of litigation will bring new and exciting opportunities.
Have you noticed any significant turning points for the firm?
Back in the mid-1990s, when we were working on a major antitrust litigation involving brand-name pharmaceutical drug manufacturers, I realized that Analysis Group was no longer a small firm. We were capable of managing large, complex litigations involving multiple experts and case teams. Looking back, that seems like a turning point for the firm in terms of our growth and the kinds of cases we would work on. Achieving this capacity was possible only through AG’s collaborative, team-based approach.
Do you have any advice for new staff joining Analysis Group?
I give lots of different advice to people, because each individual coming to the firm is at a unique point in his or her life and career. One thing I tell everyone is that they do not need to compare themselves to anyone else, that they are all at different stages and need to develop accordingly, focusing on their own paths. Other advice I have found beneficial to new staff is to feel empowered to provide your thoughts and ideas as soon as you join the firm. In our teams, it is critical that everyone feels like they can contribute. We handle very complex cases and everyone needs to actively think of the question at hand in order to best support one another and ultimately deliver high value to our clients.