Senior Advisor, Menlo Park

What was your career path to Analysis Group?
I received my Ph.D. in labor and econometrics from the University of Michigan and wanted a non-academic career. After looking at various opportunities, I ended up choosing health care and started working on strategic policy with the American Medical Association. After that, I took a consulting job, focusing on public policy. And then I worked for Genentech.

Throughout the changes in my career, I have always maintained the perspective of an economist and concentrated on one question: Where is the market going? My pursuit of the answer to that question led me to Analysis Group, and I haven’t looked back. I have always been lucky in that I have consistently worked at interesting places with very smart people.
What advice would you give to new staff joining Analysis Group?
In every situation at Analysis Group, you will learn something new. There are always things to learn and different ways to contribute, so try to stay open-minded as you take on new projects. Analysis Group is all about incredible people doing smart things, and I’m convinced that’s why people stay.
What do you do when you’re not working?
I’m passionate about traveling to new places and exploring the culinary world. I also love San Francisco and appreciate everything from exploring new restaurants to getting out to wine country and just enjoying the gorgeous Northern California coastline.