Associate, Boston

Why did you choose Analysis Group?
I joined AG because of the analytical and rigorous nature of the work, and the firm culture. Our cases are based on real-world data, and we synthesize that data into key insights for our clients. Additionally, the interview process exemplified the firm’s culture – I knew AG was a place where I could grow and succeed.
What do you work on at Analysis Group?
My case work has spanned different industries and practice areas, from health care to accounting and from technology to oil and gas. Having different types of cases and an interesting variety of work early on has helped me figure out what I like.
How does life at Analysis Group compare to grad school?
In many ways, it’s similar. What I experienced during my M.B.A. was a supportive culture and an emphasis on collaboration and teamwork. At AG, collaboration and teamwork are the standard, and everyone is invested in your development. Also, AG gives you the ability to select what you would like to work on, which is essentially the business school experience.
What new experiences have you had since joining Analysis Group?
I joined a team to work on a natural language processing (NLP) project that we hope can help case teams with some of the more tedious aspects of casework (e.g., literature reviews). I’d always been curious about NLP, so I enjoyed working on this project and have continued learning more about NLP outside of work.
What do you think of the case team dynamic?
AG has a pretty flat organizational structure, which I think helps you assume responsibility early on and develop as an associate. When you join a case team, you likely have, or share, ownership of a particular workstream. Even senior team members look for your ideas and insights, while remaining both encouraging and challenging.
How do you find a suitable work/life balance?
The firm generally encourages people to take care of their wellbeing. One of first tasks on most of my cases has been completing a shared team calendar that includes planned vacations and other time off. That said, AG does client-service work, and client requests sometimes pop up. However, I haven’t felt any pressure to cancel personal commitments.
Brian Masunda