Office Administration Manager, Boston

Why did you choose to join Analysis Group?
The firm’s culture and people are the reasons I chose to join Analysis Group. I was working in the real estate development industry as an executive assistant and office manager prior to joining Analysis Group. I joined the firm as the office manager in Chicago and recently transferred to the Boston office to assume the role of office administration manager.
What was it like joining Analysis Group?
I joined the firm when the Chicago office was still quite young. The office had only ten employees who were working out of a temporary space. In my first month at the firm, I managed a build-out and an office move, all while learning about the ins and outs of my role, the firm’s culture, and my coworkers. Joining Analysis Group was a whirlwind that immediately proved to be a positive learning experience.
How do you collaborate with employees across the firm?
I have collaborated with the firm’s office managers to share ideas on how to manage office operations and events. I have also served as a liaison between the Chicago office and the administrative departments in Boston and was in regular communication with teams in information technology, human resources, finance, and marketing.
How do you balance work and life?
It takes clear communication, creativity, patience, and a sense of humor to be a full-time working mother. To-do lists, calendars, collaboration, and support from others allow me to keep a balance between my work and personal life. When I am not working, I enjoy being a mother to a three-year-old boy. I also have two explosives-detection dogs at home that work with my husband, so I spend a lot of time keeping up with them as well! I try to get in some Pilates and yoga, and enjoy bike riding when the weather permits.
Camille  Giroux