Senior Analyst, Boston

What do you work on at Analysis Group?
I really wanted to be at a place where I could have broad exposure to many different projects and industries – I didn’t want to be doing the same work over and over again. Since I started at Analysis Group, I’ve worked on a variety of project teams – mainly in the antitrust, finance, and commercial disputes practice areas. Within these practice areas, I’ve been able to work on cases in a range of industries including telecommunications, real estate, medical care and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, cargo shipping, and even coffee. Analysis Group’s open staffing model lets analysts choose what they want to work on, which has allowed me to engage with very different types of cases.
What new skills have you learned?
I’ve learned a good deal of technical coding skills at Analysis Group, but I’ve been more surprised by the “soft-skills” I’ve learned here. For example, I’ve become much more articulate in meetings and presentations, and I’ve learned how to question assumptions more confidently. I’ve also taught several technical training classes to newer analysts, which has made me master the coding languages and helped me learn to present and teach others more effectively.
How does Analysis Group’s collaborative culture benefit your work?
Our collaborative culture is very important to the high quality of work that we deliver. We’re constantly able to share ideas, answer each other’s questions, catch mistakes, and learn from each other. I love always having people to bounce ideas off of or talk through complicated analyses. In my work, the collaboration has helped me with particularly complex data analyses by allowing me to reason through assumptions and questions with my teammates. Our collaborative culture is also a reason that I’m constantly learning at Analysis Group. When I don’t know much about a topic, I can often find someone who does and wants to help me. For example, I’ve worked on finance cases involving particularly complex financial products. On these cases, teammates with strong finance backgrounds are always happy to collaborate and help me understand the topic.
What is it like to work in your office?
The Boston office is large, which means we have many ongoing cases at any time. The multitude of cases is great for being able to try different practice areas and work with different people and different management styles. The office works hard but also knows how to have fun – we have a ton of social events all year long! Even though there are over 100 analysts in Boston, it’s still a very close group. People build very strong friendships in our office.
What do you do when you’re not working?
Boston is a beautiful city, so when I’m not working I’m usually exploring the city or out with friends. Since I live near to the office and am very close friends with other Analysis Group analysts, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish the line between work and life in my work/life balance. But that’s actually something I enjoy – I’m happy that my co-workers and I are such close friends that we want to see each other outside of work. I also paint, run an art blog, and often visit the Museum of Fine Arts. Since my work is very analytical, it’s great to also have a purely creative outlet.
Dana  Louie