Senior Advisor, Chicago

What was it like moving to Analysis Group?
I had worked side by side with Analysis Group in the past, so I was already familiar with what I like to think of as the firm’s brand – academically rigorous work and an amazing culture. To help develop that in Chicago was a great opportunity.
What is it like growing a young office in Chicago?
We have a unique combination here – part startup, part long-established industry leader. It’s been a valuable recruiting tool, too; many first-rate consultants and academics are happy to learn Analysis Group has a physical presence in Chicago. It has also allowed us to be more responsive to the many significant clients we have in the Midwest.
Have you noticed any trends or changes in litigation?
I think that one of the most interesting developments over the last decade has been the relationship between the law and data. Because all kinds of data can be more easily harnessed now, data are being used in ways to test legal theories that would have been unimaginably costly when I started out more than 20 years ago. I’ve also watched as the law has coped with digitization. Patent, copyright, and trademark law, for example, will undergo some enormous changes in the next decade.
What’s this about songwriting?
There’s a saying: "Those who can, cover [other people’s material]; those who can’t, write their own." Country, power pop – I was once charitably called the Midwest’s Elvis Costello. If you search the Internet, there may be some CDs or MP3s out there that could answer that more directly.