Associate, Montreal

Why did you choose Analysis Group?
Once I decided in favor of economic consulting, there was no question that I’d choose Analysis Group! Also, the Montreal office has a reputation for being extremely friendly, and that played an important role in my decision to accept the offer.
What do you work on?
In addition to a large, fascinating, health care antitrust case, I’ve worked on a litigation matter related to alleged no-poach agreements, a merger review involving the radiography market segment, and a case involving a large telecommunications product company. I also became immersed in the complex methodologies of using choice experiments and conjoint analysis in false advertising cases.
What do you enjoy most about your work? What do you find most challenging?
The best part of my job is undoubtedly the people I work with. They are very talented, smart, emotionally intelligent, and inspiring. They trust me and help me grow at the same time. What I find most challenging is the pace of our work given the tight deadlines. That said, our collaboration, rigorous quality control system, and shared responsibilities make even stressful filings manageable!
Have you had any surprises or breakthroughs since joining Analysis Group?
I’m constantly fascinated by the rigor of the work we deliver to experts and clients. The responsibility to live up to the firm’s high standards motivates me every day. My Ph.D. in economics certainly helps, but guiding a subteam doesn’t come naturally to me, so that’s something I continue to work on. I had an emotional moment when senior analysts unofficially named me the kindest associate on one of my teams; it’s hard to express how much that mattered to me.
How do you find a suitable work/life balance?
Sometimes it’s not easy, but thankfully my body often reminds me to take a break from economics and move at the end of the day. I run in beautiful Montreal, take long walks up to the mountain, and go to my ballet institute to stretch, dance, and perform in a very different environment than the firm.
Timea Molnar