Claire Tsai

Associate Professor of Marketing; Co‐founder, Behavioral Economics in Action Research Cluster; Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Claire Tsai


Ph.D., marketing and behavioral science, and M.B.A., business economics, Graduate School of Business, The University of Chicago; B.B.A., National Taiwan University

Summary of Experience

Professor Tsai applies insights from behavioral economics and psychology to public policy and services. She adopts a behavioral economics approach in studying decision making in areas that include financial decisions, food consumption, and subjective well-being. She studies overconfidence and how this bias systematically influences judgments and decision making. She also studies the science and economics of happiness, which she terms Hedonomics. Professor Tsai's work has appeared in leading marketing and psychology journals, including Journal of Consumer Research and Psychological Science, and is often featured in popular media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal,, Globe and Mail, CBC News, and Harvard Business Review. Her recent speaking engagements include the University of Chicago Alumni Club in Asia Pacific, the Latin American Financial Education Congress, and the Ontario Securities Commission. In addition to working with government units in Canada and the United States, she has also worked with private sector clients, including MDRC's Behavioral Interventions to Advance Self Sufficiency project, and has served as an expert witness to the ForestEthics Advocacy Association and Ruby Shiller Chan Hasan Barristers in a case involving a public policy change to the energy industry. She has worked in financial services in New York, Taipei, and Hong Kong.

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