Moshe Buchinsky

Professor of Economics, UCLA
Moshe Buchinsky


Ph.D., economics, Harvard University; M.A., economics and statistics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Summary of Experience

Professor Buchinsky is an expert in econometrics, applied econometrics, and labor economics. He has made seminal contributions to the literature on quantile regression and its use to analyze changes in the distribution of wages. He has published extensively on employee mobility and its implications for wages and returns to experience and seniority. Professor Buchinsky's research has been published in top economics journals, including Econometrica, TheReview of Economic Studies, The Journal of Labor Economics, and The Journal of Econometrics. He has also served on the editorial boards of The Journal of Labor Economics,Quantitative Economics, and The Journal of Econometrics. Professor Buchinsky has been retained as an expert in a wide range of litigation matters in labor and employment, including age, race, and gender discrimination class actions in retail, pharmaceutical, financial, and manufacturing sectors.


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