Nick Joseph Pudar

Senior Lecturer in System Dynamics, MIT Sloan School of Management; Managing Director, StackView Advisory LLC
Nick Joseph Pudar


M.S., management, MIT Sloan School of Management

Summary of Experience

Mr. Pudar has nearly 40 years of automotive industry experience, having held a variety of developmental roles in manufacturing engineering and industrial engineering. At MIT, Mr. Pudar teaches the use of simulation technology to support complex business model creation and corporate strategic decisions. At StackView Advisory, he provides consulting services in business simulation modeling, advanced mobility solutions, blockchain technologies and their applications, and strategic assumption surfacing and testing. Prior to his consulting and teaching careers, Mr. Pudar held numerous roles at General Motors, including director of corporate strategy, where he led cross-functional evaluations of business opportunities at the intersection of autonomous vehicles, connectivity, urban mobility, and blockchain technology. He serves on the board of directors of the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative, a nonprofit working for more efficient, affordable, and green mobility services; and on the advisory board of Pitstop!, a cloud-based prognostics maintenance program.

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