Stanley I. Ornstein


Stanley I. Ornstein


Ph.D., economics, University of California, Los Angeles; M.S., business administration, and B.S., engineering, San Diego State University

Summary of Experience

Dr. Ornstein is an economist specializing in antitrust and issues of competition and anticompetitive behavior. He has served as an economic consultant on a broad range of antitrust topics, including collusion, mergers and acquisitions, market foreclosure, exclusive dealing, predatory pricing, and tie-in sales. Dr. Ornstein has published more than 25 papers in economics journals and chapters in books on antitrust and other economic topics. In addition, he coauthored The Mutual Fund Industry (2010), a study of price competition between mutual funds; authored Advertising Intensity and Industrial Concentration (1977), a study of advertising's relationship to market structure and use for anticompetitive purposes; and coedited and contributed to The Impact of Large Firms on the U.S. Economy (1973).

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