Chanont “Big” Banternghansa




Ph.D. and M.A., economics, The University of Chicago; B.A., economics, Brandeis University

Summary of Experience

Dr. Banternghansa is a consulting economist who specializes in the application of microeconomics, econometrics, and statistics to the analysis of various antitrust issues. He has conducted analyses on antitrust and competition issues across a range of industries, including health care, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, airlines, finance, and two-sided digital platforms. In merger investigations, Dr. Banternghansa has supported experts for the US Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, and merging parties involved in horizontal and vertical transactions. In Epic Games, Inc. v. Apple Inc., he supported Apple’s testifying expert, Richard Schmalensee, whose trial testimony was cited in the district court ruling that Epic Games “failed in its burden to demonstrate Apple is an illegal monopolist.” Prior to joining Analysis Group, Dr. Banternghansa worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.