David A. Glick




Ph.D., economics, Brown University; M.A., economics, Brown University; B.A., economics and international & global studies, Brandeis University

Summary of Experience

Dr. Glick is an economist specializing in economic and quantitative analysis. He works on complex matters involving federal and state antitrust laws, regulatory proceedings, commercial damages disputes, and financial and securities litigation. Dr. Glick has used the tools of applied microeconomics, econometrics, statistics, and industrial organization to analyze various product markets, including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, consumer electronics, investment funds, and chemical products. Dr. Glick has worked closely with attorneys and experts in many phases of litigation, including development of case strategy, presentation of economic models, rebuttal of opposing experts’ analyses, and expert witness preparation. In his doctoral studies, Dr. Glick specialized in development, labor, and natural resource economics. He has extensive experience writing and implementing consumer and household surveys. Prior to joining Analysis Group, Dr. Glick engaged in economic and development consulting.

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