Fan Mu




Ph.D., epidemiology, Harvard University; M.S., epidemiology, Harvard University; M.B.B.S., medicine, Peking University

Summary of Experience

Dr. Mu specializes in the application of advanced epidemiologic methodology and biostatistics techniques in the field of health economics outcomes research and epidemiology. Her expertise includes epidemiologic research, burden-of-illness research, comparative effectiveness research, and indirect treatment comparisons. Dr. Mu designs and conducts analyses of retrospective database analyses (including administrative claims and electronic medical records), clinical trials, prospective cohort studies, medical literature, and surveys. She has developed research strategies in a range of disease areas, including psychiatry, virology, hematology, dermatology, gynecology, nephrology, and rheumatology. Dr. Mu's work has been published in peer-reviewed health economics, epidemiological, and medical journals, and presented at international clinical and health economic research conferences.


Selected Publishing