Jeremy Smith




Ph.D., economics, Boston University; M.A., economics, Queen’s University; Bac. Social Sciences, honours economics (summa cum laude), University of Ottawa

Summary of Experience

Dr. Smith specializes in applying statistics and economics to antitrust issues and to the evaluation of markets and regulation in the health care, energy and agriculture, and finance sectors. His litigation experience includes the analysis of liability issues and the quantification of damages in a broad range of industries, including corn farming, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and private equity. His finance and securities work has included analysis of due diligence and internal controls in connection with asset-backed securities, and his energy and environment work has included research on electricity capacity market design and the reasonableness of settlement values for environmental damages on industrial sites. Prior to joining Analysis Group, Dr. Smith was a lecturer in environmental and natural resource economics and the economic analysis of legal issues at Boston University, and an economist with the Centre for the Study of Living Standards, where his research focused on productivity and innovation. Dr. Smith has also published in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization and elsewhere on energy and labor topics.