Joel Wiles


Los Angeles


Ph.D., economic analysis and policy program, Stanford University Graduate School of Business; B.S., economics, Duke University

Summary of Experience

Dr. Wiles is an applied microeconomist who specializes in the statistical and econometric analysis of large datasets. He has experience analyzing complex business issues and supporting expert testimony on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in securities, financial, and antitrust matters; and has testified as an expert on damages related to breach of contract. Dr. Wiles has assessed damages related to allegations of price-fixing and other antitrust violations, royalties and lost profits for alleged patent infringement, and commercial real estate valuations related to the events of September 11, 2001. He has statistically quantified the performance and value of life insurance policies; constructed regression models to assess pay equity and automobile depreciation; investigated class certification issues in a variety of industries; and worked on both sides of government investigations. His antitrust work has included matters involving alleged price-fixing or unfair competition in the chemical, air cargo, grocery, and credit card industries. In collaboration with leading academics, Dr. Wiles has investigated the value of an early-stage company in the automotive industry, the reasonableness of representations made to investors, mutual fund fees, consumer behavior in online environments, and policies designed to control medical fraud. His academic research has examined the effectiveness of pollution control policies using data on millions of automobiles.