Kristof Zetenyi




Ph.D. and M.A., economics, University of Rochester; B.S., mathematics and economics, University of Richmond

Summary of Experience

Dr. Zetenyi is an economist specializing in industrial organization, applied econometrics, and antitrust economics. His work involves applying economic theory and econometric and statistical methods to analyze anticompetitive allegations and damages  across a broad array of sectors, including health care, airlines, farming, consumer goods, software, electricity, and newspapers. Dr. Zetenyi has expertise in advanced econometric and statistical modeling techniques. He specializes in structural modeling of firm and consumer behavior, and has experience with market simulations of merger effects, oligopolistic pricing strategies, and welfare implications. His non-litigation experience has included the evaluation of the efficacy of Australia's tobacco plain packaging legislation. Prior to joining Analysis Group, Dr. Zetenyi conducted research on the impact of federal environmental regulations and business cycle fluctuations on strategic firm behavior in the US auto industry.