Megan Accordino


Los Angeles


Ph.D. and M.Phil, economics, University of California, Los Angeles; B.A., economics and international studies, Case Western Reserve University

Summary of Experience

Dr. Accordino specializes in applying microeconomic theory, econometrics, and statistical methods to complex antitrust, securities litigation, and energy markets and policy matters. Her litigation and advisory experience includes analyzing market power in market-based rate authority applications and electric power mergers; allegations of market manipulation in natural gas and electric power markets, insider trading in equity markets, and fraudulent misrepresentations by bond issuers; sampling issues in mortgage-backed securities; and ERISA matters involving allegations of imprudent selection of investments and service providers for defined-contribution retirement plans. In the field of energy economics, Dr. Accordino has authored articles on the impact of overlapping greenhouse gas emissions policies (published in The Energy Journal), market definition in electric power markets (published in the ABA Economics Committee Newsletter and The Electricity Journal), and the incentives for and detection of market manipulation. Prior to joining Analysis Group, Dr. Accordino worked as a statistical analyst and an energy analyst at other economics consulting firms.