Tracy (Danner) Offner




M.B.A., Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College; B.A., economics, Boston College

Summary of Experience

Ms. Offner has experience in issues related to intellectual property (IP), regulated utilities, and securities matters. She has supported numerous academic affiliates in all phases of litigation, including preparation of expert reports, depositions, and trial testimony.

Ms. Offner’s expertise includes the application of consumer behavior and marketing research methods to litigation matters and strategic business problems. She has extensive experience in the development, administration, and analysis of surveys in false advertising and IP litigation matters. In recent years, Ms. Offner has assisted clients in multiple litigations involving the alleged impact of a stigma on consumers’ valuations of properties, the evaluation of patented features, assessing the potential for consumer confusion due to trademark infringement, testing the impact of advertisement claims on product purchase behavior, and measuring competitive interactions between firms from the consumer perspective. In these and other cases, she has supported leading marketing authorities in designing, implementing, and evaluating survey and other data-driven approaches.

Ms. Offner also has provided litigation support in a variety of regulated utilities, telecommunications, and securities matters. Her recent engagements have involved modeling the economic incentives of high-speed internet service providers (ISPs) to retain copyright infringing subscribers, and evaluating the economic feasibility of municipal takeovers of investor-owned water utilities in California. Ms. Offner also has experience estimating potential exposure across a wide variety of mortgage-backed securities (MBS) litigations and mediations, and has submitted a declaration on this topic.