Wendy Cheng




M.P.H, M.Phil., Ph.D. candidate, epidemiology, Columbia University; B.S., psychobiology, University of California, Los Angeles

Summary of Experience

Ms. Cheng specializes in the application of pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacovigilance to assessments of the causal relationship between therapeutic agents and health outcomes in observational studies. She has examined the timing and patterns of use and prevalence of adverse events for drugs withdrawn from the market, and has also conducted post-marketing studies to assess potential drug safety signals in preparation for FDA advisory committee meetings. Additionally, she has extensive experience in the development and application of shared decision-making tools to facilitate treatment discussions between patients and physicians. Ms. Cheng has collected and utilized data from large national surveys, clinical trials, electronic medical records, commercial insurance claims, and longitudinal observational studies. Her work has been published in many leading medical journals. Prior to joining Analysis Group, Ms. Cheng served as a research scientist and teaching assistant at Columbia University.

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