Divya Mathur

Vice President

Divya Mathur



Ph.D., economics, and M.A., economics, The University of Chicago; A.B., economics and mathematics, Mount Holyoke College

Summary of Experience

Dr. Mathur specializes in the application of microeconomics, statistics, and econometrics to the analysis of complex business disputes. She has analyzed economic issues and conducted data analytics in a variety of antitrust, intellectual property, securities, and general commercial litigation. Her antitrust work includes analyses of market structure, evaluations of the impact of anticompetitive conduct on market dynamics, assessments of the appropriateness of class certification, and estimation of antitrust damages. Her experience spans numerous industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotives, media, high-technology, financial services, and real estate. Dr. Mathur has worked closely with attorneys in all phases of litigation, including development of case strategy, development and presentation of economic arguments and models, critique of analyses produced by opposing experts, and support for preparation of written and oral expert testimony.

Selected Publishing