Kristina Shampanier


Kristina Shampanier


Ph.D., marketing, MIT Sloan School of Management; M.A., economics, New Economic School; M.S., mathematics, Moscow State University

Summary of Experience

Dr. Shampanier is an expert in applying marketing research methods to litigation. She has designed and evaluated surveys and online, lab, and field experiments, as well as conducted data analyses for class certification, liability, and damages phases of litigation. She has supported experts and served as an expert in patent, trademark, and trade dress infringement; false advertising; consumer safety; and antitrust cases. In a false advertising class action matter, Dr. Shampanier used a conjoint analysis survey and market simulations to evaluate the price premium associated with the challenged claim. In a banking service false advertising class action matter, she conducted a survey/experiment to evaluate whether an allegedly misleading omission affected consumer choice. In a consumer electronics case, she submitted three expert reports to the National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, opining on the merits of a product test. In an employment litigation, she evaluated the possibility of interviewing class members on behalf of the defendant, a fast-food chain, and reviewed the opposing expert’s approach. In a health care case, Dr. Shampanier opined on a survey-like study in a rebuttal report and was deposed. Additionally, in two trademark infringement matters considered by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the US Patent and Trademark Office, she designed and fielded confusion surveys and filed an expert report in one of the cases. Dr. Shampanier has published in the fields of behavioral and experimental economics and mathematics.