Lauren R. Kindler

Vice President

Lauren R. Kindler



M.A., economics, Southern Methodist University; B.A., economics, Tulane University 

Summary of Experience

Ms. Kindler has worked on a wide variety intellectual property disputes, contract disputes, securities and finance-related litigation, false advertising allegations, and antitrust matters. In litigation, she has assisted in all phases of the litigation process, including discovery, expert reports, deposition testimony, and trial preparation and testimony. In patent infringement matters, Ms. Kindler has analyzed claimed lost sales, claimed lost profits, and claimed reasonable royalty damages. In antitrust matters, she has assessed the competitive consequences of mergers, analyzed competitive behavior of market participants, and estimated the impact of market power. Her work has also included the development of complex damage models, analysis of statistical data, and analysis of stock price movements. Before joining Analysis Group, Ms. Kindler held positions with National Economic Research Associates, Inc. (NERA) and The Brattle Group.