Megan Accordino

Vice President
Megan Accordino

Los Angeles


Ph.D. and M.Phil, economics, University of California, Los Angeles; B.A., economics and international studies, Case Western Reserve University

Summary of Experience

Dr. Accordino specializes in applying microeconomic, statistical, and financial analysis tools to complex litigation, regulatory, and policy matters at the intersection of the finance and energy industries. Her litigation experience includes analyzing liability, loss causation, and damages in numerous matters involving allegations of market manipulation in natural gas and electric power markets, insider trading in equity markets, misrepresentations to securities investors and insurers, and breaches of fiduciary duty. Dr. Accordino’s work on these matters has included developing econometric analyses to assess loss causation and building discounted cash flow models to estimate damages. In regulatory proceedings, she has analyzed utility rate plans and their impacts on stakeholders, investment and unit commitment decisions, and market power in market-based rate authority applications and electric power mergers. Dr. Accordino has authored articles on the impact of overlapping greenhouse gas emissions policies (published in The Energy Journal), market definition in electric power markets (published in the ABA Economics Committee Newsletter and The Electricity Journal), and the incentives for and detection of market manipulation.

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