Ted Laguerre



Ph.D., MIT Sloan School of Management; M.B.A., accounting, Boston University; B.A., economics, Dartmouth College; CPA

Summary of Experience

Mr. Laguerre is a certified public accountant with MBA- and Ph.D.-level training in finance, economics, and accounting. Mr. Laguerre’s broad-based academic training and experience allow him to help develop creative and robust solutions to complex litigation matters and effectively manage teams consisting of members with a variety of different specializations. At Analysis Group, he has managed case teams in matters involving securities (equity, fixed income, and derivative), valuation, financial analysis, mutual funds, accounting, and general damages.

Some of the recent cases that he has managed include: analyzing a unique compensation and corporate governance structure in order to help assess its purpose; estimating the effects of a company’s marketing and R&D efforts on its stock price performance over a period of more than 20 years; estimating the damages associated with an allegedly improper early redemption of debt securities; estimating the effect of short-term trading in a mutual fund complex; and analyzing a company’s methods of accounting for financing transactions and their effect on its perception by the financial markets.

Prior to joining Analysis Group in 1999, Mr. Laguerre worked with clients in a consulting capacity at Price Waterhouse and Arthur Andersen, in their Audit (high tech and mutual funds) and Strategy, Finance and Economics (valuation and financial modeling) practices, respectively, and as a senior financial analyst for Staples, where he held primary responsibility for the financial modeling of the store openings, closings, and relocations under consideration by Staples’s senior management.