Webinar – Manager Elizabeth Milsark to Discuss FCC Blocking of Unwanted Robocalls

Event:FCC’s Blocking of Unwanted Robocalls: Exploring Implications to the Year Ahead
Date: October 28, 2019
Host:The Knowledge Group
Times:12:00–1:30 p.m. (PT) / 3:00–4:30 p.m. (ET)

Earlier this year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to enact new regulations that will allow phone companies and carriers to aggressively block unwanted robocalls before they reach consumers. Several issues still remain to be clarified, however. In this webinar, Manager Elizabeth Milsark and her co-panelist will discuss the fundamentals and recent developments of the FCC’s approach. Ms. Milsark will provide insight on the types of analytical methodologies proposed by the FCC and discuss the potential impact on legal calls, compliance, and litigation risk.

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