Analysis Group Announces Consultant Promotions

December 19, 2017

Analysis Group, one of the largest private economics consulting firms, is pleased to announce the promotion of three consultants.

"We are delighted to share the promotions of Michael Holland and Lisa Pinheiro to Managing Principal, and Samuel Weglein to Principal, and congratulate them on their accomplishments," said CEO and Chairman Martha S. Samuelson. "We applaud them for their continued work helping clients address complex economic issues in a number of areas, such as analyzing the impact of financial market disruptions on structured products; using machine learning tools to determine the likelihood that a patent may be deemed essential; and evaluating the competitive effects of mergers in health insurance and hospital markets. We look forward to their continued contributions to our clients' success."

New Managing Principals

Michael Holland has over 15 years of experience applying economics and finance to problems arising in corporate and business litigation. His areas of expertise include assessing market competition, evaluating costs in the financial services industry, valuing privately held companies, and analyzing less-liquid structured products. Mr. Holland has researched the impact of financial market disruptions on structured products and other thinly traded fixed-income securities used as collateral in secured lending arrangements. In matters related to the Lehman bankruptcy, he supported multiple experts in assignments related to collateral management, risk exposure, complex accounting topics, and the causes of Lehman's failure. Mr. Holland has also led analyses to assess whether the liquidation of a large portfolio of fixed income securities was commercially reasonable, and whether the closeout of a derivatives book was consistent with the governing ISDA documents. He has conducted analyses and managed case teams in securities- and valuation-related cases in a variety of industries, including mutual funds, private equity, municipal debt, and investment banking.

Lisa Pinheiro has an extensive background in quantitative analysis and statistical modeling, which she has applied to various practice areas, including finance, intellectual property, biostatistics, and antitrust. In finance, she focuses on cases involving allegations of market price manipulation, misleading communications, excessive mutual fund fees, and mortgage-backed securities litigation. She has also applied survey analysis and statistical modelling to various intellectual property cases, including patent disputes among smartphone manufacturers, copyright tariff setting for musical works, and patent infringement in the pharmaceutical industry. She has extensive experience analyzing clinical trial, registry, and insurance claims data for both litigation and research purposes and has published manuscripts on pharmacoeconomic issues. In the antitrust field, she has led and managed U.S. and Canadian cases and supported multiple experts in matters involving competition in the online search engine industry, class certification, and cartel and price-fixing allegations. Ms. Pinheiro has also coauthored expert reports and testified on questions relating to the modeling and calculation of royalties and damages. Prior to joining Analysis Group, Ms. Pinheiro served as executive director of the finance group of CIRANO, where she conducted applied research projects in collaboration with private and public partners, including work on hedge funds, style analysis, credit and operational risk, and the development of integrated risk management tools for practical applications.

New Principal

Samuel Weglein specializes in applying economics, statistics, and valuation to the analysis of liability issues and damages in antitrust, finance and securities, and general business litigation matters. Much of his recent antitrust work has been in health insurance and hospital markets. He has also assisted with antitrust litigation in a number of financial benchmark cases, including LIBOR and foreign exchange matters. In addition, Dr. Weglein has analyzed the economics of prepackaged software and managed projects to assess potential damages involving alleged anticompetitive conduct by Microsoft. He has also worked on behalf of Intel in antitrust litigation matters brought by AMD and the State of New York. In securities and finance litigation matters, Dr. Weglein has worked on behalf of several large financial institutions. These projects have included valuing long-defaulted sovereign debt, assessing damages arising from collateral calls on a total return swap, analyzing the reasonableness of the corporate governance regime of a publicly traded REIT, measuring the economic harm caused by management in a dispute over corporate control, and measuring the impact of short sales on securities prices. Dr. Weglein's experience spans numerous industries, including health and life insurance, investment and commercial banking, securities brokerage and clearing, asset management, semiconductors, computer hardware and software, minerals, oil and gas, shipping, automotive, food packaging, steel, real estate, medical devices, agribusiness, and biotechnology. He has coauthored a number of publications, including three white papers addressing the incentives facing dealers and manufacturers in the auto and heavy-duty vehicle industry.