Analysis Group Client Celgene Settles False Claims Act Suit

August 11, 2017

An Analysis Group team and Professor Iain M. Cockburn provided expert analysis to Celgene Corporation as part of its successful resolution of a civil action filed under the whistleblower (qui tam) provisions of the federal False Claims Act.

The litigation centered on alleged off-label promotion and purported kickbacks to physicians in connection with cancer treatments, Thalomid and Revlimid. The Analysis Group team, led by Managing Principals Paul Greenberg and Crystal Pike and Vice Presidents Mihran Yenikomshian, Andree-Anne Fournier, and Tamar Sisitsky, conducted a comprehensive economic analysis in support of Professor Cockburn, who served as damages expert. We assessed the impact of the alleged conduct in terms of any excess costs to federal health care programs such as Medicare. We showed that the potential impact of the alleged conduct, if any, was much smaller than Relator's analysis suggested. The case settled favorably for Celgene.