Analysis Group Consultants Co-Author Provocative Study on Cyclical Weight Loss Patterns

April 20, 2016

Analysis Group consultant Maral DerSarkissian, Ph.D., presented the results of a noted study on weight loss at the Endocrine Society's annual meeting (ENDO 2016) in Boston.

The longitudinal study, co-authored by Dr. DerSarkissian and six colleagues, including Managing Principal Mei Sheng Duh, Vice President Francis Vekeman, and collaborators from Novo Nordisk (the study sponsor), focused on the challenges of achieving –and, especially, maintaining –weight loss for patients suffering from obesity. 

Regardless of the amount that the participants lost in the first six months, Dr. DerSarkissian and her co-authors found, most people became “weight cyclers” – patients who did not consistently lose, gain, or maintain weight. While weight maintenance interventions are mostly aimed at dietary changes, "these modifications alone might not be enough to achieve and maintain weight loss," she noted.

Still, the study was not without bright spots. Dr. DerSarkissian and her colleagues found that patients who lost the most weight were relatively more likely than their counterparts in the study to keep it off, and to continue losing weight.

The study was also the subject of an article in MedPage Today, which quoted Dr. DerSarkissian. This study was also quoted in several publications, including Health Day, MedicalXpress, Science Daily, and Shape magazine.

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