Analysis Group Consultants Honored with 2019 Concurrences Antitrust Writing Award

March 28, 2019

Three Analysis Group consultants have been honored with a 2019 Concurrences Antitrust Writing Award. Managing Principal Rebecca Kirk Fair and Vice Presidents Rene Befurt and Emily Cotton won the award for best business article in the economics category for their paper “The Tyranny of Market Shares: Incorporating Survey-Based Evidence into Merger Analysis.” The award, a joint initiative of Concurrences magazine and the George Washington University Law School Competition Law Center, was announced at a Concurrences gala dinner on March 26.

In the award-winning article, the authors explore why traditional measures of market share, considered by economists as a proxy for merging parties’ substitutability, may reflect overly broad or overly narrow market definitions, or may simply be a poor reflection of the current state of competition across product or service categories. They argue for using surveys in merger reviews to expand the data considered for assessing competition beyond traditional industry reports. Survey responses can reveal insights into consumers’ and businesses’ underlying purchase decisions, and so lead to a deeper understanding of post-merger market dynamics.

The article was originally published in Corporate Disputes.

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