Analysis Group Experts Publish New Book on Comparative Effectiveness Research

May 17, 2017

Compilation Is a Practical Guide to Understanding Comparative Effectiveness Research for the Evaluation of Medical Treatments

Dr. Howard Birnbaum and Paul Greenberg, both of Analysis Group, have co-edited a book entitled Decision Making in a World of Comparative Effectiveness Research that is intended to serve as a guide for real-world analysis. Published by Springer, the book is a practical guide to decision making using CER—that is, observational data in real-world settings. CER considers the effectiveness of comparative evidence from many data sources, including electronic medical records, administrative claims, patient surveys, and clinical trials. This type of evidence can yield new insights into the effectiveness of alternative medical treatments.

Unlike other books about CER that have focused on methodologies, Decision Making in a World of Comparative Effectiveness Research includes in-depth analysis from prominent stakeholders across the medical field, including senior industry executives, key opinion leaders, accomplished researchers, and attorneys. Geared toward global CER decision makers within the life sciences industry and government, the book covers, among other topics, the future of CER for evidence developers; evolving stakeholder considerations; and emerging challenges, methods, and applications of CER. 

Decision Making in a World of Comparative Effectiveness Research is now available for purchase on the Springer and Amazon websites. 

About the Editors:

  • Dr. Birnbaum, a Principal at Analysis Group, has conducted health economics and outcomes research across a variety of physical and mental disorders for pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers, managed care organizations, and government agencies. He has also provided expert testimony and litigation support in matters regarding Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement and managed care issues. Additionally, he has published numerous articles in leading medical, health economics, and managed care journals on a wide range of conditions.
  • Mr. Greenberg, Director of the Health Care Practice at Analysis Group, specializes in health economics including health outcomes and complex business litigation. In addition to consulting to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies on the health economics profiles of specific diseases and medical products, he has overseen cost-of-illness research relating to numerous physical and psychiatric disorders, as well as pharmacoeconomic assessments of the cost-effectiveness of drugs based on data gathered in clinical trials and administrative claims files.