Analysis Group Health Care Consultant Presents at ISPOR Asia Pacific 2018

September 7, 2018

Researchers from Analysis Group's Health Care practice will present an educational symposium at ISPOR Asia Pacific 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. The conference will take place September 8–11, 2018. 

Analysis Group is sponsoring an educational symposium on the challenges and opportunities in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in China. Although HTA has quickly evolved to become an increasingly important component of evidence-based decision making in China, its development and application still face many hurdles. This symposium will provide an overview of these challenges. Our panelists will discuss recent cases of HTA submission and opportunities to further improve HTA research in China through the use of the international China Guidelines for Pharmacoeconomic Evaluations.

Gordon G. Liu from Peking University will serve as the moderator. Analysis Group Managing Principal Eric Q. Wu, Jing Wu of Tianjin University, and Chao Liu from Shanghai Roche Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. will serve as panelists. 

Analysis Group will also host an exhibit table at the conference.