Analysis Group Managing Principal Lisa Pinheiro Discusses the Value of Data Science

December 4, 2018

Organizations are grappling with the challenge of determining how to apply data science methodologies to help solve real-world problems. Analysis Group Managing Principal Lisa Pinheiro delivered a seminar on data analysis at Business Today's International Conference in New York City, which connects undergraduate students around the world with business executives. This year's conference, titled "The Future of Work," examined disruptions in the workforce and their implications for future generations.

Ms. Pinheiro's seminar highlighted the role of data analysis expertise in Analysis Group cases such as Apple v. Samsung and the NFL "Deflategate" case, in which an AG team applied data science skills to determine there was no statistical difference in the relative pressure drop of Patriots' and Colts' footballs. Ms. Pinheiro also noted Analysis Group has been assisting Harvard Medical School in analyzing genomic data to predict resistance to tuberculosis drugs, as well as several other AG data science initiatives, such as computer-assisted medical reviews.

Ms. Pinheiro mentioned her aspirations for enhanced data science curricula in schools, noting that these skills will become increasingly valuable in a rapidly changing workforce.

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