Analysis Group Partners Discuss Firm Culture and Leadership at MIT Event

October 15, 2018

Two alumnae of the MIT Sloan School of Management – Analysis Group CEO and Chairman Martha Samuelson and Managing Principal Rebecca Kirk Fair ­– visited MIT's Leadership Center to discuss their respective careers in economics consulting at the firm. The discussion, part of the Center's Innovative Leadership Series (iLead), touched on how leadership, communication, and effective mentorship have helped to build Analysis Group's success and sustain its unique culture.

In response to a question about the firm's growth and its frequent appearance on lists of the best places to work, Ms. Samuelson emphasized the importance of clear and open communication in building and sustaining the firm's culture. “I've always wanted to have an organization where people are treated with respect, where we collaborate, where we think about the long term,” she said. “For me it's been very meaningful … [that] trust is so central.”

Ms. Kirk Fair recalled starting at Analysis Group as an analyst out of undergraduate school before attending Sloan, and that even early in her tenure at the firm, her opinions were taken seriously and defended by other, more senior colleagues. “That ability to see us as the future of the organization,” she said, “to really treat us as equals with a strong voice in the organization, is just how the culture works. And I think it is our secret sauce.”

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