Analysis Group Principal Paul Hibbard Discusses RGGI's Innovative Carbon Emissions Auction Process

March 6, 2017

In a video produced by energy and environmental consultancy M. J. Bradley & Associates (MJB), Analysis Group Principal Paul Hibbard joined other experts and public officials in the energy field to discuss the success of the innovative Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). Launched a decade ago by 10 Northeastern states, RGGI is the first multi-state carbon-trading program formed in the country. In the video, Mr. Hibbard and other experts discuss the successes the program has achieved over the years, including exceeding its original goals for reducing carbon dioxide emissions by millions of tons and introducing a unique program for auctioning allowances that has returned $3-4 worth of benefits to the participating states for every dollar of investment.

The video and its accompanying report both are titled “A Pioneering Approach to Carbon Markets: How the Northeast States Redefined Cap and Trade for the Benefit of Consumers.” The full MJB report also cites Mr. Hibbard for his work on the Analysis Group teams, which also included Senior Advisor Sue Tierney, that completed previous studies evaluating the economic impact associated with investment of the RGGI auction proceeds in the region.

Watch the video and read the MJB report

Read the 2016 Analysis Group study