Analysis Group Principal Paul Hibbard Discusses Transition of US Electric Power System in E&ETV Interview

July 13, 2017

The US electric power system is undergoing a transition, with significant quantities of older electric generating capacity (largely from coal, oil, and natural gas-fired facilities) primarily being replaced by new natural gas plants and renewable resources. Analysis Group Principal Paul Hibbard recently appeared on E&ETV's OnPoint to discuss a new report from Analysis Group that considers the primary drivers of the transition, and whether changes in the mix of generating resources undermine power system reliability. The interview took place ahead of the anticipated release of the US Department of Energy's analysis of grid reliability under current market and policy conditions.

Analysis Group's independent report, Electricity Markets, Reliability and the Evolving U.S. Power System, authored by Mr. Hibbard along with Senior Advisor Susan Tierney and Manager Katherine Franklin, found that fundamental market forces, and in particular the drop in natural gas prices, are the primary drivers of industry changes, and that the transition underway in the industry is not harming reliability. The report was supported with funding from the Advanced Energy Economy Institute and the American Wind Energy Association. 

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