Analysis Group Vice President Claudio Calcagno Discusses Economic Considerations in the Poste Italiane Antitrust Matter

October 29, 2018

A recent decision by the Italian Competition Authority found that Poste Italiane, the Italian incumbent postal operator and designated provider of the universal postal service, had abused its dominant position in the wholesale and retail markets for the provision of bulk mail services. Vice President Claudio Calcagno summarizes this decision in the Journal of European Competition Law & Practice article titled “The Poste Italiane Decision by the Italian Competition Authority: Sorting out Non-replicability.”

The article provides an economist's perspective on some of the decision's key aspects: non-replicability, rebates, remedies, and market definition. The author also notes some delicate issues around antitrust enforcement in regulated sectors, with a particular focus on the postal sector, where regulation also needs to take into consideration universal service obligations.

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