Analysis Group Welcomes New Affiliates, Announces Staff Promotions

August 18, 2016

Analysis Group announces the promotions of professional staff and welcomes six new affiliates to the firm.

"We are pleased to recognize the outstanding efforts of our consultants, and excited to bring new expertise to the firm," said President and CEO Martha S. Samuelson. "These individuals bring a diverse set of skills and experiences to many of our practice areas, and we look forward to their continued contributions to the success of our clients."

New Affiliates
Paul B. Ginsburg, the Norman Topping Chair in Medicine and Public Policy and professor at the University of California Sol Price School of Public Policy, is an expert on the rising costs of health care, hospital rate setting, provider market power, and the price and quality transparency of medical services. Named by Modern Healthcare as one of the “100 Most Influential Persons in Health Care” eight times, he has presented testimony before the US Congress and state legislative or regulatory bodies on more than 30 occasions. Professor Ginsburg has also testified before the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice in hearings related to the state of competition in local health care markets. He is the Director of Public Policy at the University of Southern California Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics, and Senior Fellow and Director of the Brookings Institution Center for Health Policy. He founded the Center for Studying Health System Change (HSC) and served as its president from 1995 through 2013.

Peter N. Golder, professor of marketing at the Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business, is an expert in innovation, branding, and global marketing strategy. His research on market entry timing, new products, long-term market leadership, and quality has received widespread acclaim, including the William F. O'Dell Award (Journal of Marketing Research); the Harold H. Maynard Award (Journal of Marketing); the INFORMS Long Term Impact Award and the Frank M. Bass Award (Marketing Science); and Harvard Business Review recognition for coauthoring one of the top 10 business books (2002). His recent research includes an examination of how economic conditions affect long-term brand leadership persistence and how consumers learn to use multi-feature products like smartphones and websites. He has also developed an integrated framework of quality, and explored the historical origins of how radical innovations are developed and commercialized. He is the co-editor-in-chief of Marketing Letters and sits on the editorial review boards of other leading academic journals.

Charles Jones, the Robert W. Lear Professor of Finance and Economics, and Director of the Program for Financial Studies at Columbia Business School, studies the structure of securities markets, liquidity, and trading costs. A large portion of his research focuses on short sales, algorithmic trading, and the variation in liquidity over time. He has provided expert reports and deposition testimony in several matters involving allegations of market manipulation and short selling. His research covers topics such as implementation shortfall and high-frequency price dynamics. His published articles, many of which focus on issues such as trading market quality, volatility, and regulations around short selling, appear in outlets ranging from The Journal of Finance to Barron's. For many years, Professor Jones has been a visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and, earlier in his career, was an investment banking analyst at Merrill Lynch.

Christopher R. Knittel, the William Barton Rogers Professor of Energy Economics at the MIT Sloan School of Management and director of the MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, is an expert on industrial organization, applied econometrics, and energy economics. He has provided trial and deposition testimony on a number of litigation matters, including valuing product features in smartphones, PCs, and contact lenses. He has also consulted to Delta Airlines, Ford Motor Company, the Energy Information Agency, and the Korean Electric Power Company. Professor Knittel has authored or coauthored numerous articles on topics such as market structure and product pricing, tacit collusion, and challenges in merger simulation analysis. For example, he has written about the spurious correlation between ethanol production and gasoline prices, unilateral market power in the electricity reserves market, and tacit collusion in credit card markets.

Willy C. Shih, the Robert & Jane Cizik Professor of Management Practice in Business Administration at Harvard Business School, specializes in intellectual property, manufacturing, and supply chain issues for complex technical products. During his 28 years in private industry prior to joining HBS, Dr. Shih held senior management positions at companies including IBM Corporation, Digital Equipment Corporation, Silicon Graphics Computer Systems, and Eastman Kodak. During this period, he had direct responsibility for manufacturing operations in various countries, including the United States, Ireland, Mexico, Japan, and China. He is currently on the board of directors of Flextronics International, the second-largest electronics manufacturing and supply chain services provider in the world, and he is an advisor to the Manufacturing Academy of Denmark. Dr. Shih is coauthor of the book Producing Prosperity: Why America Needs a Manufacturing Renaissance, and his paper “Restoring American Competitiveness” won the 2009 McKinsey Award for the best paper in the Harvard Business Review.

Steven Tadelis, Professor of Economics, Business and Public Policy and the Joe Shoong Chair in International Business at the University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business, specializes in the economics of incentives, industrial organization and microeconomics, and the economics of the Internet. His research investigates how firms and contractual agreements facilitate the creation of value, focusing on firm reputation as a valuable, tradable asset; the effects of contract design and organizational form on firm behavior with applications to outsourcing and privatization; public and private sector procurement and award mechanisms; and the determinants of trust. He also has experience in the economics of institutions, economic analysis for business decisions, contract theory, and strategic sourcing and pricing. Professor Tadelis served as a senior director and distinguished economist with eBay's research labs, where he led a team of research economists focused on the economics of e-commerce.

New Managing Principals
Analysis Group promoted four consultants to managing principal.

Scott Berney is co-chief administrative officer of Analysis Group, and leads the firm's Finance, Information Technology, Legal, and Real Estate teams. He has over a quarter-century of experience in strategic consulting and operational roles. He began his career at investment consulting firm Cambridge Associates, LLC before pursuing his M.B.A. After graduate school, he worked as a strategy consultant at Monitor Group. Mr. Berney later returned to Cambridge Associates as chief operating officer, and eventually became president of the company.

Patrick Lefebvre specializes in the application of biostatistics and economics of health outcomes research. He has conducted and directed numerous studies in pharmacoeconomics, epidemiology, and health outcomes research in a variety of therapeutic areas. His recent work in the health care sector includes numerous clinical trials and medical claims data analyses to investigate resource utilization patterns, patient-reported quality of life, clinical effectiveness, direct medical and indirect productivity costs of a disease burden, and cost-effectiveness associated with the use of pharmaceuticals. His extensive research has resulted in more than 70 peer-reviewed publications in prominent medical, health economics, and managed care journals.

Coreen McCool is co-chief administrative officer of Analysis Group and leads the firm's Human Resources, Marketing, and Office Operations teams. Ms. McCool has nearly 25 years of experience in strategic consulting and human resources. Prior to joining Analysis Group, she spent nearly two decades at Monitor Group, a strategic consulting firm based in Boston. She began her career as a strategy consultant before moving into human resources and operational management, eventually becoming a partner and global head of human resources. 

Aaron Yeater has expertise in the evaluation of damages in antitrust, intellectual property, and complex commercial matters in a variety of industries including media, high technology, retail and institutional financial services, and telecommunications. He has worked with expert witnesses in their preparation of damages analyses for numerous high-profile cases in the technology sector, including several antitrust matters involving Microsoft. Mr. Yeater has also supported counsel for defendants in trials responding to multibillion-dollar antitrust damages claims, and in several matters concerning distribution of video media, including a merger of national cable companies, disputes about content licensing terms, and litigation by several broadcast networks concerning alleged copyright concerns.

New Principal
Paul J. Hibbard provides technical and policy analysis as well as strategic advice to clients on power system planning, electricity market and rate design, natural gas markets, energy infrastructure needs, energy facility siting, market-based emission control policies, utility structure and procurement practices, and the administration of energy policy programs. Mr. Hibbard's work has addressed the implications of new public policy programs; the impacts of infrastructure development options on market pricing and ratepayer costs; the evolution of electricity market structures; utility ratemaking practices; and the transfer of US federal and state emission control programs to other countries. He has testified before the US Congress, state legislatures, and federal and state regulatory agencies.

New Vice Presidents
The firm has promoted seven consultants to vice president. 

In Boston, Peter D. Finch specializes in finance and technology, and has performed research and analysis in a range of litigation cases involving semiconductor manufacturing systems and practices, credit card exclusionary rules, telecommunications, and finance and antitrust issues. Andrée-Anne Fournier specializes in pharmaceutical and health economics, with expertise in analyzing large data sets, including government and private administrative claims records. Kristina Shampanier has designed and evaluated surveys and online, lab, and field experiments, and conducted data analyses for the class certification, liability, and damages phases of litigation, including in antitrust, patent infringement, trademark infringement, misleading advertisement, and consumer safety cases. In Chicago, Edi Grgeta has experience in securities, antitrust, and labor economics, and has served as an expert and testified on antitrust issues and damages, managed case teams in support of academic and industry experts, and consulted to attorneys. Ran Wei specializes in securities economics, finance, accounting, and valuation in the context of litigation, and has extensive experience managing case teams in a wide range of litigation and consulting matters. In Los Angeles, Eric Nguyen performs quantitative analyses and economic modeling in support of complex securities matters, including investment suitability, investment portfolio valuation and risk analysis, mutual fund excessive fees, ERISA-related matters, and class certification. Peter Rybolt specializes in financial modeling and damages assessment in intellectual property, entertainment and media, and general commercial litigation.

In January 2016, Analysis Group welcomed to its Boston office Vice President Peter Schwechheimer, who specializes in the application of financial and economic analyses to complex business matters involving litigation, technology licensing, and valuation, including the use of econometric methods to apportion value among inputs in complex devices. In July 2016, Analysis Group welcomed to its San Francisco office Vice President Sumon Mazumdar, who specializes in securities and finance, and has addressed class certification, materiality, and loss causation issues in some of the largest securities fraud class actions.

New Managers and Senior Economists
Analysis Group promoted 14 consultants to manager or senior economist. In Boston: Urvi Desai, Peter Fabbrucci, Lynn Huynh, Jee-Yeon Lehmann, Nick Li, and Paul Rodriguez. In Chicago: Adeel Saleem. In Denver: Stephen Kiebzak. In Menlo Park: Murat Ilgen and Darya Rose. In Montreal: Raluca Ionescu-Ittu. In New York:  Breno Neri and Jenny Zhou. And in San Francisco: Charlene Zhou.