Bankruptcy Research Reviewed in Law360 by Analysis Group Experts

January 30, 2019

With large-scale bankruptcies such as Sears continuing to make headlines, following a string of closures of branded retailers in 2018, three Analysis Group consultants reported on academic research on different mechanisms for protecting and preserving value for distressed companies. In their Expert Analysis titled “3 Aspects Of Value Preservation For Restructuring Cos.,” published in the Bankruptcy section of, Managing Principal Gaurav Jetley and Vice Presidents Edi Grgeta and Ran Wei summarized three research papers presented during the “Financial Distress and Resolution” session at the American Economic Association’s (AEA’s) annual conference in January 2019.

In the Analysis Group article, Professor Kose John from New York University, who chaired the AEA session, commented, “Academic research such as [these papers] is increasingly relevant for policy makers, executives, investors, attorneys, judges, and consultants in the bankruptcy space.”

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