CEO Martha Samuelson Discusses Leadership Approach in New York Times

November 7, 2010

Analysis Group President and CEO Martha Samuelson offered her thoughts on leadership, accountability in organizations, and finding the right mentor in a recent interview with The New York Times. "There are different ways of running companies," acknowledges Ms. Samuelson. "Different groups of people are going to care about certain things more, and in my organization people care about getting along and teamwork." Her comments appeared November 7, 2010, in the newspaper's weekly "Corner Office" column by Adam Bryant, which captures insights from senior leaders in a range of organizations and industries.

Accountability is critical for building a successful organization, Ms. Samuelson says, but "you have to be very careful about what you measure, because you start managing by focusing on what you measure. I'm often asked, 'What's the five-year plan for the company?' or 'Where are you going to open the next office?' We don't run the firm that way. The most important thing is to hire the right people and develop the right people."

On the topic of mentoring, Ms. Samuelson, an economist and former trial attorney, suggested that "one of the greatest mistakes people make with mentors is they try to snow them," instead of asking for help. "Find somebody you like," she says, "and figure out how to make it safe and comfortable for [them] to help you."

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