Harvard Business Review: President and CEO Martha Samuelson on Leadership and Decision Making at Analysis Group

October 13, 2015

Analysis Group President and CEO Martha Samuelson reflects on her experience at the firm and the importance of thoughtful decision making and meaningful work in an article published in Harvard Business Review. The article is part of a series of essays on leadership and management, authored by the world's top CEOs and corporate leaders.

In the article, Ms. Samuelson discusses the importance of trust and respect in helping to promote a culture that fosters affiliation and cohesion. She highlights the importance of creating sustainable value across the firm with a compensation model that recognizes overall quality and contributions to activities "such as mentoring and recruiting, which of course generate revenue in the longer run."

Ms. Samuelson also explains that because Analysis Group has remained private, members of the firm have been able to make decisions based on what they believe is right. This has also helped to build trust among partners who are highly engaged and collaborative. Looking to the next generation, she notes the importance of "having work that they find meaningful" and adds that "managing people in the real world can be very different from what we were taught in business school." Ms. Samuelson explains that there are inherent problems in an over-reliance on metrics that can have a false precision. "When the problems are interesting and the work is meaningful," she says, "that can be so much more rewarding."

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