Importance of Firm Culture, Mentoring, and “Giving Back” Underscored by Analysis Group CEO Martha Samuelson for MIT Sloan School of Management

January 31, 2020

In a Q&A session with the MIT Sloan School of Management, Analysis Group CEO and Chairman Martha Samuelson talked about what inspires her personally and professionally, and the importance of working collaboratively in moving ideas forward. The exchange was part of the Sloan School’s “Ideas Made to Matter” series.

“What’s important to me about this business, and in fact my life, is that I really have wanted to help people make their lives better, whether it’s progress in their careers or volunteering with a non-profit,” said Ms. Samuelson, a Sloan alumna. “I also wanted to be part of an organization like Analysis Group where the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts.”

Ms. Samuelson went on to explain, “I don’t think of ideas or important initiatives as coming from the top down. I think of them as coming from peers, or bubbling up from all parts of the firm.” She also talked about the importance of supporting “champions” and of mentoring to drive the success of ideas.

To her, this collaborative approach embodies a work culture in which the whole can become bigger than the parts, and also extends beyond the walls of the firm itself. “Our firm’s success is grounded in doing things well, but I am grateful that we have also been lucky,” Ms. Samuelson concluded, “and so I believe that it’s incredibly important to give back to your community.”

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