Managing Principals John Jarosz, Carla Mulhern, Laura Stamm, and Keith Ugone Named to IAM Patent 1000 Guide

July 07, 2015

Managing Principals John Jarosz, Carla Mulhern, Laura Stamm, and Keith Ugone have been named by Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) to the fourth edition of the IAM Patent 1000 guide -- a listing of leading patent services professionals based on research and interviews with patent specialists across the globe. IAM is an online newswire focusing on intellectual property rights and other intangible assets.

The guide includes more than 70 top economic expert witnesses and features high praise for Mr. Jarosz, Ms. Mulhern, Ms. Stamm, and Dr. Ugone:

  • Mr. Jarosz: "With the Federal Circuit clamping down on damages theories, what you need is someone incredibly methodical and Jarosz fits the bill -- he's so vigorous and vets everything with a keen eye for the fine print. He never overextends himself and is tremendously credible -- his folksy demeanour enhances that."
  • Ms. Mulhern: "[She] is always impressive; thorough, but extremely efficient, she represents good value for money. She knows the ITC so well, but is great in any context." 
  • Ms. Stamm: "She demonstrates a lot of common sense when examining IP problems and can look you in the eye and give you a sensible analysis. In court, she doesn't get flustered, but stays cool while at the same time being incredibly engaging."
  • Dr. Ugone: "Phenomenal -- he never makes a mistake. There's never a danger he won't understand something -- he's extremely cerebral -- but what makes him unique is his ability to explain things simply and accessibly, without coming across as though he sits in an ivory tower."

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