President and CEO Martha Samuelson Shares Leadership Insights at Yale Leaders Forum

February 6, 2013

In a wide-ranging discussion with Yale School of Management Dean Edward A. Snyder, Analysis Group President and CEO Martha Samuelson shared her perspectives on leadership, talent development, and organizational growth, as well as trends in the economic consulting industry, at the Leaders Forum at Yale University's School of Management (January 22, 2013). This university lecture series -- segments of which are videotaped and posted on the Yale School of Management site and on -- welcomes top executives and officials to share insights with students.

Ms. Samuelson was interviewed by Dean Snyder, an Analysis Group academic affiliate, on a diverse set of topics, including the challenges of establishing a shared culture across a firm with multiple offices, and approaches to building effective mentoring relationships. "Picking a mentor for reasons other than the fact that you deeply connect with somebody is a huge mistake," Ms. Samuelson explained. "A 'strategic' mentor is not going to help you out. You want a mentor who is going to be invested in you, [who will engage in] a reciprocal relationship." Ms. Samuelson also advised that staff who openly share problems and questions with their mentors, making it easier for them to offer feedback, will get the most out of these coaching relationships.

Asked by Dean Snyder about the leadership principles she has focused on at the helm of Analysis Group, Ms. Samuelson noted several "profoundly important" guiding values, including collaboration, teamwork, and respect. "You have a long life, and what you contribute is going to be measured in lots of ways -- and certainly that's not restricted to the financial," she said. She went on to attribute much of the firm's success to its model of hiring outstanding people, investing in their development through both formal programs and daily work experiences, and treating them with respect.

On the topic of organizational growth, Ms. Samuelson noted that as Analysis Group evolved, it became clear to the partners that growth would not always come from the top down. "What has turned out to be enormously successful [instead] is encouraging people to be entrepreneurial within the firm," she noted. As an example of this, she pointed to the growth of Analysis Group's health care practice, which developed separately from the firm's core litigation practices and recently established an office in Beijing. 

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