Six Analysis Group Consultants Named as Top Expert Witnesses in the IAM Patent 1000

June 18, 2018

Analysis Group Managing Principals Christopher Borek, John Jarosz, Jeffrey Kinrich, Carla Mulhern, and Keith Ugone, and Affiliate Laura Stamm, are included in this year's IAM Patent 1000, an annual listing of the top patent services professionals by Intellectual Asset Management, an IP business media platform focusing on intellectual property rights and other intangible assets.

The six AG consultants were also profiled in IAM's list of top economic experts in the IP area. The profiles included praise for each of them:

  • Dr. Borek: “He has substantial research experience in the fields of innovation and international trade and, as a result, his analyses are always extremely well founded.”
  • Mr. Jarosz: “[A] terrific witness who connects well with juries and works seamlessly with counsel.”
  • Mr. Kinrich: “He is incredibly smart and thoughtful and explains his opinions clearly, coming across as very calm and credible, even under the pressure of cross examination.”
  • Ms. Mulhern: “[A]n insightful, organised, highly intellectual expert who is great on her feet in court and, most importantly, independent and objective.”
  • Ms. Stamm: “Juries respond well to [her], and inevitably adopt [her] positions … because she explains difficult concepts in clear and convincing fashion.”
  • Dr. Ugone: “His reports are always thorough and well written, such that he will never be challenged on the grounds that something is missing.”

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