Study on Employment and GDP Effects of Investment in New Spectrum for 5G Wireless Networks Published by Analysis Group Research Team

February 8, 2019

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering making additional spectrum available for next-generation 5G wireless networks. In the new report, The Economic Impacts of Reallocating Mid-Band Spectrum to 5G in the United States, Analysis Group Principal David Sosa and Vice President Greg Rafert have published the results of their research on the economic impacts of making this new mid-band spectrum (between 3.45 GHz-4.2 GHz) available for 5G wireless communications services.

Dr. Sosa and Dr. Rafert estimated the investments wireless providers would need to make building out new mid-band spectrum for 5G networks, and modeled the resulting economic benefits (job creation and GDP growth). They concluded that mobile network operators would invest more than $150 billion on infrastructure to deploy the mid-band spectrum, adding $274 billion in GDP to the US economy and creating 1.3 million jobs.

The Analysis Group research received financial support from CTIA, a trade association representing the US wireless communications industry.

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