Vice President Noam Kirson Presents on Insurance Switching and Coverage Challenges for Innovative Therapies

May 24, 2018

Vice President Noam Kirson presented a research paper titled “Insurance Switching and Mismatch Between the Costs and Benefits of New Technologies” at an ISPOR Boston Chapter seminar, held May 10, 2018. The paper – coauthored with Analysis Group Senior Advisor Genia Long, Professor David Cutler of Harvard University, and Michael Ciarmetaro and Robert Dubois of the National Pharmaceutical Council – was recently published in The American Journal of Managed Care. The study illustrates how emerging high-cost transformative therapies can exacerbate gaps between US payers when the benefits of treatment materialize over time, and highlights the need for creative approaches to ensure appropriate access to cost-effective therapies, adequate incentives for future treatment development, and sustainable payer economics.

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