Analysis Group Again Recognized Among the Leading Global Economics Consultancies by Global Competition Review

Date:January 5, 2021
Location:BOSTON, Mass.
Contact:Eric Seymour

Analysis Group, one of the largest international economics consulting firms, has again been recognized as a leader on the Global Competition Review (GCR) Economics 21. The annual ranking highlights top firms measured by size of practice, reputation, and work on impactful competition matters over the previous year. Analysis Group was highlighted as having one of the largest practices, with 268 competition economists across its offices worldwide, supporting 116 litigation cases, 40 merger reviews, and two dozen government investigations in the past year.

“In a year in which markets have been challenged in unprecedented ways, I’m reminded that hard work, thoughtful analysis, and sound judgment continue to serve as pillars of competition policies around the world,” said Martha S. Samuelson, CEO and Chairman of Analysis Group. “Our recognition in the Economics 21 reflects the important work we are doing to help our clients as they navigate complex issues in a shifting environment.”

Analysis Group played a significant role in many of the past year’s noteworthy antitrust cases around the world. GCR cited several examples of the firm’s work on complex issues involving questions of market dominance, reverse payments, and pricing strategies, such as the following:

Federal Trade Commission v. Qualcomm Inc.

  • An Analysis Group team supported academic affiliate Professor Edward A. Snyder of the Yale School of Management on behalf of Qualcomm in its defense of an antitrust suit brought by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC alleged that Qualcomm refused to license its standard essential patents in wireless technology to rival chip manufacturers; that it charged mobile phone manufacturers “supra-FRAND” royalty rates; and that these actions caused some modem chip suppliers to exit the industry, suppressed innovation, and raised prices to consumers. Prof. Snyder analyzed factors relevant to success in the modem chip industry and concluded that those factors fully explained outcomes in the industry. The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ultimately reversed a lower court’s ruling, finding that Qualcomm’s licensing practices and royalty rates were lawful.

In re: Lamictal Direct Purchaser Antitrust Litigation

  • An Analysis Group team supported academic affiliate Professor James Hughes, the Thomas Sowell Professor Emeritus of Economics at Bates College, on behalf of GlaxoSmithKline and Teva in their defense of a reverse payment antitrust matter. Prof. Hughes filed an expert report critiquing the opposing expert’s reliance on the average prices of the brand and generic versions of Lamictal to establish proof of common injury. A panel of the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit vacated the district court’s order certifying the class and remanded the case to the district court, citing Prof. Hughes’s report at multiple points in its opinion.

French Competition Authority Investigation

  • Analysis Group supported Octoplus, a French provider of mobile meal voucher services, in a market entry complaint filed with the French Competition Authority (FCA). Octoplus, along with restaurant trade unions, alleged that the four major providers of meal vouchers for the government-subsidized program had shared confidential data with each other and prevented rivals such as Octoplus from entering the market. Analysis Group provided an economic analysis of the defendants’ pricing strategies. In December 2019, the FCA decided for the complainants and issued large fines against the defendants.

AbbVie Inc. Acquisition of Allergan PLC

  • Analysis Group supported Allergan in its acquisition by AbbVie. The blockbuster deal was approved by both the European Union and the FTC with provisions (divestiture of specified drugs).

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