Analysis Group Announces Partnership to Enable Research of Blood Disease in China

First-of-its-kind research platform will aid researchers to improve patient care, treatment access, and long-term outcomes

Date:November 14, 2019
Contact:Eric Seymour
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BOSTON, MA – Analysis Group, a global leader in health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), and the Institute of Hematology & Blood Diseases Hospital (IHBDH), a clinical and research institute of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College, will partner to create China’s first comprehensive blood disease research platform. The platform – the National Longitudinal Cohort of Hematological Diseases in China (NICHE) – will contain information from more than 10,000 patients across China, creating the foundation needed to conduct research to drive innovation in treatment and prevention, improve quality of care and patient outcomes, facilitate clinical decision making, and inform health policies and regulatory and reimbursement decisions.

Analysis Group will work closely with IHBDH to advise on best practices for designing, building, and maintaining the platform, which will address research needs in acute myeloid leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, hemophilia, pediatric hematological diseases, and other blood diseases. IHBDH researchers will begin populating the platform with information from IHBDH patients, and the platform will eventually expand across the 140 public hospitals in the China Alliance for Blood Diseases from the country’s 30 provinces. This will represent the largest longitudinal hematological cohort from which real-world evidence has been generated.

“Our goal is to set up a world-class hematological research platform that advances the patient-centric study of hematology in China,” said Eric Wu, managing principal at Analysis Group. “This is a complex challenge that has not been well addressed in China. We are excited to collaborate with IHBDH on this important undertaking.”

Lack of high-quality medical information remains the most significant roadblock to the rapid evolution of China’s health care system. Different population and environmental characteristics between China and other countries create unique challenges that can only be addressed using China-specific data. Without such information, clinicians are limited in how they can treat patients efficiently and policy makers are limited in their evidence-based decision making. Together, Analysis Group and IHBDH aim to remove this obstacle by generating real-world evidence that can serve as the foundation for facilitating the process of making these important decisions.

“There is a significant gap in the treatment for hematological diseases in China compared to other developed countries. The five-year survival rates of leukemia and lymphoma, for example, are 25% and 37% in China, compared with 62% and 72% in the US. Access to reliable information about patients is a major challenge in treating blood disease in China,” said Tao Cheng, M.D., scientific director and deputy president of IHBDH.

“It is our aim to improve the survival rate and improve the quality of life of patients throughout China. Making the right health care decisions that lead to improved patient outcomes requires being able to look at real-world evidence on relevant populations,” said Jianxiang Wang, medical director of IHBDH.

Ongoing work on the project includes assembling a scientific advisory committee to help steer the cohort design and platform planning. The committee will help address key questions related to patient selection criteria, definition of key variables, patient follow-up, information integration, and quality-control best practices. The committee will consist of experts in hematological diseases, health policy, health economics, epidemiology, biostatistics, bioinformatics, biotechnology, and biopharma.

Work on the project will begin in January 2020, with the goal of making the research platform accessible for study by the end of 2021.                      

Funding for the research platform has been provided by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. For more information about the platform, please visit Parties interested in using NICHE for their studies can contact Analysis Group at

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About the Institute of Hematology and Blood Diseases Hospital

Founded in 1957, the Institute of Hematology and Blood Diseases Hospital (IHBDH) is China’s largest professional hematology center focused on cutting-edge scientific research, patient treatment and a leading teaching hospital. As a center of excellence throughout China, IHBDH is also the home of the Base of National Key Discipline on Blood Diseases accredited by National Ministry of Education, the Clinical Trial Base of New Drugs for Blood Diseases of the State Drug Administration, and the First Clinical Branch of National Medical Emergency Center for Nuclear Accidents. IHBDH is a member of the World Federation of Hemophilia and publishes the Chinese Journal of Hematology.