Analysis Group Authors Win 2019 Antitrust Writing Award for Economics

Article explores the use of surveys to define competition more accurately in merger reviews

Date:March 28, 2019
Contact:Eric Seymour
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BOSTON, Mass. – Analysis Group, one of the largest international economics consulting firms, is honored to have three of its consultants named as 2019 Concurrences Antitrust Writing Award winners for best business article in economics. The article, “The Tyranny of Market Shares: Incorporating Survey-Based Evidence into Merger Analysis,” is a compelling argument for the use of survey tools in merger reviews.

In the article, Managing Principal Rebecca Kirk Fair and Vice Presidents Rene Befurt and Emily Cotton address the increased need for better methods of understanding customer choice as purchasing decisions have become more complex. In some instances, traditional measures of market share, considered by economists as a proxy for merging parties’ substitutability, may not reflect market realities. Specifically, traditionally tracked “markets” in industry reports may reflect overly broad or overly narrow market definitions, or may simply be a poor reflection of the current extent of competition across product or service categories.

The authors argue for expanding the data considered for assessing competition by looking beyond traditionally tracked market shares and focusing on consumers’ and businesses’ underlying purchasing decisions. They share insights on how rigorously crafted and administered surveys can be used to better understand these decisions, and so lead to a deeper understanding of post-merger market dynamics. Questions concerning the influence of geography, brand loyalty, and convenience are examined and highlighted in the article using real-world merger review examples.

The Concurrences award, a joint initiative between the magazine and the George Washington University Competition Law Center, recognizes compelling competition scholarship. The three-month evaluation process for the 2019 Antitrust Writing Awards involved 60 international antitrust experts who reviewed 600 submissions. The award-winning article was originally published in Corporate Disputes.

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